Local, National and Environment Agency bye-laws apply. Bailiffs decision is final on the bank. Committee decisions are final.

1. Membership
1.1 Members must present both a valid membership and EA rod licence when requested to by a bailiff or any      other member.
1.2 Membership permits must contain a photo.
1.3 Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult of age 18+
1.3 No day tickets

2. Catch and Release policy
2.1 All fish must be returned unharmed.

3. Fish care
3.1 Members must be in possession of a landing net and unhooking mat.
3.2 In order to protect against disease such as KHV, all nets and mats must be completely dry before fishing starts on all society waters.
3.3 Leaving a fishing rod unsupervised for any time is forbidden.
3.4 Return fish as quickly as possible but rest large fish in the landing net in the water until they can swim away strongly.
3.5 Transport fish in a sling or a net. Do not stand up with a fish in your hands/arms.
3.6 All members must be in possession of a disgorger and/or forceps for unhooking fish safely.
Fish Care becomes especially important when targeting Carp, Barbel and Pike. Extra caution should be afforded to large specimens of any species. Your landing and unhooking gear should be relevant to the maximum size of the species you are targeting in any water.

4. Closed Season
4.1 Coarse Angling is forbidden from 15th March to 15th June inclusive on all rivers and streams.
4.2 The committee and bailiffs reserve the right to close the lakes when fish are spawning.

5. Litter
5.1 Members must remove all litter, including discarded fishing tackle, in the vicinity of their swim.
5.2 Members found with litter in the vicinity of their swim will be considered responsible for it.

6. Care of Property
6.1 Do not cut branches or any other bankside vegetation.
6.2 No fires. No BBQ’s
6.3 If you open a gate, ensure you close it behind you.
6.4 Do not disturb livestock.
If you see an act of criminal damage in progress dial 999.
To report an act of criminal damage which has already occurred dial 101.
To report an Environmental Incident dial 0800 80 70 60.

7. Self Care
7.1 All Members and visitors either fishing, working or visiting society waters do so at their own risk
7.2 Vehicles are left entirely at the owners risk
7.3 Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas with a valid permit clearly displayed in the window.

8. Care of Bailiffs and Public
8.1 Please respect the general public including all users of public land.
8.2 Members must comply with Bailiffs requests and behave in a respectful manner when approached.

9. Alcohol
9.1 Alcohol may be consumed in moderation
9.2 The use of drugs and illegal substances are forbidden whilst fishing society waters.

10. Rig Safety
10.1 Barbless hooks on all society venues.
10.2 Running rigs or semi fixed leads only.
10.4 When targeting carp, barbel and specimen sized fish, an appropriate leader or length of rig tubing of at least 24″ must be used above the lead.
10.5 All beads, swivels etc. above the lead must be able to pass freely from your anti tangle leader in the event of the main line breaking.
10.6 If you are in doubt if your rig is unsafe please check with the club before fishing.

11. General
11.1 Maximum of two rods per angler on all society venues.
11.2 No bait boats, rowing boats, wading or swimming.
11.3 No keep nets or retention sacks unless in authorised matches.
11.4 No traps. No drag/gill nets. No set lines.
11.5 Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. Offenders will be requested to leave immediately. Police will be informed.
11.6 Dogs must be kept on a lead at the waters edge.

12. Bait restrictions
12.1 Imitation baits such as plastic corn, rubber maggots, plastic boilies etc. are forbidden on all society waters. Artificial lures, spinners and flies are permitted.
12.2 Particle baits must be fully prepared before use. Soak for minimum 24hours, then boiled for minimum 30 mins. (CCMoore website have a good guide)
12.3 When using floating baits, please pay close attention to birdlife. Also refer to Rule 3.3.
12.4 If using live fish as bait, the fish must be from the venue itself. Livebait must be stored in a bucket no bigger than 10 litres. Never transport fish between venues. All bait fish left at the end of the session must be returned to the venue.

13. Night Fishing
13.1 Night fishing is NOT permitted on any society water.
13.2 Fishing may commence one hour before sunrise.
13.3 Fishing must cease one hour after sunset.
13.4 If you are found to be fishing outside of the specified times your permit will be confiscated.

14. Pike Fishing
14.1 Pike fishing only between 1st October and 31st march inclusive.
14.2 If you are not an experienced pike angler you must fish with a member who is. Please ask the club via horleypiscatorial@gmail for more information.
14.3 All pike anglers must have in their possession long nose pliers and 11” side cutters. See also rule 3.6.
14.4 Minimum 12lb line must be used. A wire trace must be used at a minimum length of 18”
14.5 Maximum of two treble hooks per wire trace. Treble hooks must be barbless or semi barbed. Beginners are encouraged to use a single barbless hook.
When Pike Fishing pay particular attention to Rules 3.

15. Publicity Policy
15.1 Horley Piscatorial Society have a no publicity rule in place. This rule will be adhered to by all members unless special authorization is given in writing by the club committee. Photographs may be published either online or in press but with No Reference to Venues or Location. Consideration should be taken to ensure no distinguishing landmarks can be identified in photos. No information is to be discussed on any forums that indicates or details any club venues.

Failure to follow and comply with any of the rules set out above will be reported to the committee which could ultimately result in confiscation of your permit and action from the relevant authorities.